Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Part I

Of course he laughs and he smiles when he speaks to the one for which he yearns over the hundreds of miles. The one he adores, she brings light to his day with all that she does although she's so far away.

When they first met a spark flared up, ignited the flames, left them both intrigued and forever changed. This moment was fleeting and quite malnourished, had it been longer the fires might have flourished. Then they were gone, left without hugs or goodbyes, the two parted ways towards their separate lives. Time flew by like leaves in the wind; he'd forgotten about her and she might not remember him. An act of kismet, serendipity, or luck crossed their paths once more and the match had been struck. The memories flooded from each other so fast, one could hardly refrain from interrupting the other with recollections of the past. It felt as though not a moment had past since the time they had talked last, and although it had been quite some time, neither of them seemed to notice or mind. Hidden beneath their happy conversation, which gave them a chance to reunite, he still felt something was off and not quite right. After the linger of long conversations faded to an end, her emotions and feelings swept over him, not the passion from a love but the closeness of a friend.

As the time slowly floats by, his feelings towards her grow stronger and he cannot explain why. He has no way to tell if her feelings for him are even there and there is so much about her of which he is still completely unaware. As they talk and interact more of her true self starts to show, perhaps even more than he wanted to know. She offers it willingly and he is more than happy to learn. He opens himself up to her and offers his secrets in return. The bond between them grows stronger by the day despite the many obstacles that stand in their way. Obstacles nearly impossible to move, impossible only if one was willing to put things at risk, and if only that one had nothing to lose.

But a disparity starts to grow between that bond in this pair, he feels the amount of his heart being devoted is becoming unfair. He is enamoured with her thoughts, her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her voice...with her in absolutely every way and he tells her this almost every day. He cannot help but to say these things on his mind, but the way she accepts his compliments does not seem too kind. They appear to wash over her as though she couldn't care less, as if his kind words and actions actually cause her distress.

She remains distant and guarded, complicated by her thoughts and stress of everything in her world. He grows more frustrated every second of every day, unable to figure out the enigma of his seemingly ideal girl.

Sometimes she makes him feel like he's all that matters; he's treated like gold, elated and high, and the next day she leaves without saying goodbye. She talks to him about everything she experiences and all that she does, and he takes a great interest in the things that she loves. He comes to her for advice in his darkest times when he needs her the most and his life is bleak, but he feels as though she is simply just waiting for her turn to speak. He passionately pours his heart out to her about his most meaningful loves from deep within his core, but feels that to her it is all just a bore. Just when he is down and out and feeling stabbed through the heart with a knife, she sweetly comes around again to bring him right back to life. She lights up his eyes, his world, illuminates all that was dim and breathes life back into his heart, and he feels like he did right back at the start. Everything seems better this time as his feelings grow stronger even if hers haven't changed at all, and foolishly further head over heels does he fall.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Bored. Braindead. Bewildered because buddies boast blathering BLAH blah blah babbling bullshit between my balefully bruised and burning brain cells; brooding breathing blood and buried beneath bone blankets.

Blankly beaming a blasé, broad and bromidic behaviour, I beg beckon and beseech beautifully brilliant and beloved brainiacs befriended beforehand to bestow and bombard me with a bustling bedlam of brainy brilliant bold or beguiling beauty that will blissfully brighten and bewitch blood, brain, bone, body, and being, leaving me blundering, barely believing and breathless.

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