Saturday, May 21, 2005

Vices become verses
while old cars become hearses
and good luck turns to curses
with guns hidden in purses.

Her soul is on fire
with rage and desire
they called her a liar
and now the situation is dire.

She knows she should run,
her purse and her gun,
but something needs to be done
to put an end to the one
who put her in this place,
who put scars on her face,
and made her feel like a waste
of skin and of space.

She stops just to think
but throws up in the sink,
watches the water turn pink,
then mixes herself a drink.

Soon her head becomes clear
and she wipes down a tear.
Her heart's without fear
as the time's drawing near....

As he gets up to stand
he sees the gun in her hand
and the look in her eye
that wants him to die

He's just about to run
as she fires the gun.
He feels suddenly hot
and sees he's been shot

He touches the back of his head

to find bone, blood, and lead.

Failing to summon the breath to speak,

he blinks a few times as his knees become weak

He falls to the floor, landing flat on his back,

looking into her eyes for one last time before




Friday, May 06, 2005

Keith's first blog
"...the beginning of thought, no matter how pure
the beginning of love, no matter how sure
the beginning of life, as it will be
the beginning of death, will set you free"

My Keith-esque reply

the end of time, no matter how fast
the end of space, no matter how vast
the end of energy, only in dreams
the end of chaos, impossible, so it seems...

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Please go buy the new Nine Inch Nails cd. Even if you don't like NIN, you will love this album. I promise you won't be disappointed. It's a great great cd which can appeal to almost any audience, or at least people who can appreciate good music. Seriously, go buy it, cd/dvd dualdisc is your best bet.

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