Monday, November 25, 2002

Ever scan through your CD collection, only to find you're bored with every single CD you have? I'm at that point. I'm flipping through, looking at each CD going "no, no, no, no,". I don't feel like listening to any of them. I hate that. I just want to trash my entire collection, every CD I have and start from scratch.

"It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything."
~Tyler, Fight Club

Maybe then I can work on a respectable CD collection full of albums that I love listening to, and the only problem I have is trying to decide which one to put on. I've built most of my CD collection in the range of years from 1993-2000 so I definitely need an update, if not, an overhaul. I had a small subset of my regular collection, consisting of all my favourite CDs, maybe 10 or 20 of the best best CDs I had, which is why I carried them around with me. One place I carried them to was my (at the time) girlfriend's house. Big mistake. Never lend them anything you want to get back. So the girl and I broke up, and of course, the CDs were gone. Every now and again I'll be walking through a record store, see one of the CDs that I used to have and remember how much I loved it and how great of a CD it was. I never really appreciated them until they were gone. Maybe I'll be able to re-claim some of that feeling if I throw out every CD I own and start a new collection. It's sort of the same feeling you get when you hear a song on the radio that you absolutely love, but that you also have the CD for. You could, at any time, pop that CD into your player and listen to the song, and you like it good enough, it's a good song. But when you hear that song on the radio (at least when I do) you shout "oh my god I LOVE this song" and crank it up. I think Big Wreck put it the best

"So I always get nostalgic with that song, but in my room it's forced, it has to be in some car across the street"

Things that are far away and almost, but not quite tangible sometimes are better than the things you already have.


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