Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Number of hours spent studying = 0.75

Number of study pages written = 2, front AND back...

Number of times study pages were read and re-read = 0 and..........0

Time spent doing everything else imaginable besides studying = 8 days

Percentage of material I studied that actually appeared on the first and second midterms = ~30%

Percentage scored on each of those midterms = 45% (approx 15% pure dumb luck)

Average going into exam = 45%

Expected average after exam = 45%

Required average to pass the course = 55%

Probability of winging it and guessing and scraping by to get 55% = snowflake's chance in hell

Time until exam = T minus 10.5 hours

Well, as you can see, the math all adds up. KIN was not meant for me, and I will fail the exam tomorrow morning. On the bright side, I showed a lot of consistency on the midterms, that's got to count for something. I'd like to see someone else get exactly 45% on BOTH midterms.

I am Jack's vastus lateralis

I am Jack's vastly overloaded memory


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