Tuesday, December 17, 2002

oh. my. god.

I just got rocked by this final. 3 out of 7 finals have kicked my ass royally, and this one, by far was the worst. I'm a good student too. Every single person was writing like mad until the 3 hours was up. Even my friend Matt who swore he would leave early (he has this thing about being the first person to leave every single exam we've ever written, and still gets like 70s in the courses) but he didn't. It was impossible. I'm shaking, my face is red, I was sweating up a storm wearing a small t-shirt in the middle of december. Everyone who left the exam looked like they'd just seen a ghost, and then that ghost proceeded to severely rape them anally for 3 hours straight.

Well, off to the library for more studying. Maybe my physical chemistry course will go better.

Oh yeah, a small piece of advice, chemistry is hard. No one should take it, ever.


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