Friday, January 31, 2003

so read this:

'CBS policy precludes accepting commercial advertising that takes and advocacy position on one side of a controversial issue(s) of public importance and urges the viewer to take action in this regard. This commercial asks the viewer not to make any purchases on November 28, 1997 as a demonstration in opposition to the current economic policy in the United States. In addidtion, The Media Foundation's website (i.e. and magazine describe the foundation as an organisation devoted to advocacy on a number of controversial issues. Accordingly, this commercial is unnacceptable for broadcast on the CBS Television Network.'

Ok, so, if I understand correctly, the CBS television network's policy on advertising is to not expose people to opinions on controversial issues. Not to pose one-sided arguments/advocacy to any controversial issues. Explain this to me. Example: watch the new television commercials concerning pot (not necessarily airing on CBS, but still). They show absolute worst case scenarios, such as a bunch of guys running over a little girl on a tricycle outside a fast food drive through; two kids playing with their father's gun in his office and the one shoots his other friend, etc etc. I only see one side of that issue in those commercials. It's pure propaganda, and shock therapy. So basically we're not allowed to have opinions, and if we want opinions, the government will give them to us. Isn't every single commercial on television basically in violation of CBS's own rules? I never see a commercial saying "try our credit card company, on one side you'll have extra money in case of emergency, but on the other hand, we'll fuck you up the ass with interest payments that we charge directly to your credit card in order to produce a higher taxable balance carried forward, causing us to repeatedly charge interest on an ever increasing principle, creating a vicious cycle of a downward spiral which is immensly difficult to remove yourself from once it's started. "There's a little mcdonalds in everyone, as well as a little, I mean a LOT of artery-clogging fat and cholesterol". Did somebody say McQuadruple Bypass?

No. No they sure didn't. You never see both sides, in actuality, you ONLY see one side of every issue and the fact that these issues are not seen as controversial is completely mind boggling. Rampant consumerism is definitely a controversial issue. As well as global warming, the united states deficit, capitalism, etc. These commercials strongly support capitalism, encourage you to overspend while hiding the dire consequences from you on a regular basis. The sick thing is, is that if adbusters had enough cash, like the campaigners and their disgusting anti-marijuana propaganda, CBS would have aired the Buy Nothing Day commercial.


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