Sunday, April 13, 2003

"so stake your claim into my veins and scrape my face in your hands and pin me to the wall"

Nostalgia. It gets the best of us at the worst of times, and sometimes the worst of us at the best of times.

Just put on a song you haven’t heard in a while and you get transformed and thrown back to a time almost forgotten. Random sounds or smells start flooding back, memories of someone you once knew, places you used to visit, or movies you watched a while ago. It’s funny how your brain makes such strong unconscious associations -- most of the time completely without your consent or direct knowledge of the connection. Moments in time occur before your eyes and your brain takes a little snapshot of it, makes a billion neural connections inside your head, then files it away for safe keeping to be violently resurrected to the forefront of your conscious mind any number of days, months or years later. Nostalgia makes people do the strangest things -- apologise, forgive and forget, break up new flames to rekindle old, do almost anything to capture that moment in time once more in any aspect they can just to feel again how great they once felt.

Nostalgia gives me a fuzzy, almost sick feeling in my stomach, sets my mind reeling and swimming in a sea of old and crazy thoughts almost always spawned by just one great song. That's why I love music more than anything else in the world.


Anonymous S devil said...

I have to agree in many ways with this post. There have been many times where a certain smell can bring back a flood of memories that I thought were long forgotten from my childhood. Than all of a sudden I remember being that child maybe making a birds nest out of grass and mud in the back yard of an apartment I once lived at,when my parents were breaking up and I only had my younger brother as my savior at that time, and doubt he really knows how much he meant to me back than :(
Or there is always those times that I swear that I have been in this exact spot in time once before and I try to pass it off as de-ja-vu but still I can tell you every single detail of what's about to happen....or sometimes I try to change the out come to something better. Ok enough of my rambling.

14 Feb 2011, 11:56:00  

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