Monday, August 25, 2003

I guess I should post something now since I have the time and if I don't, no one will come to my site anymore. I'll have to say, I really don't like this new blogging format they have here. I liked it better when I could see all the settings and stuff and the previous posts beneath....

I was hoping there was a way to change it back, but I guess there's not. I'm going to have to make something up here, maybe a story. Off the top of my head, man this is going to suck............ I'm going to pick random words from songs I'm listening to and make them into a story. Right now: st lawrence river (the end)

winter, morning, freeze,

deftones, be quiet and drive: drive, far, away, drown, clothes, i don't care

starfuckers, charlie clouser edit: not a whole lot, just cool sounds

and all that could have been: breeze, dissapear, snow, rescue, promises, nothing,

maybe i'll just make a couple sentences, this is getting boring

or maybe i won't do anything at all. suckers


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