Friday, September 12, 2003

So I'm back in school now, again. I probably won't have much time to post anything very often. No one seems to be coming to my site lately anyway.

I guess I could give you a little update from the party, but it would be way way way better to go to the link under this post of and check out Dyer's party notes. I seem to have made a couple choice comments which were pretty funny. Actually, since I know how lazy everyone is, how about I just copy and paste the parts where I say stuff and if you want to check out the rest of the notes, follow the link (sometimes the main link doesn't work, so follow the 2nd derpdy derp FTP link (De Derpdy Derp Derp Derp). I'll copy a bit before and after what I "apparently" said because it's all funny:

7:26 Sex dice, measuring tape, fake earring, and list
7:27 Ladiesman “Almost missed bus to Kitchener. Arrived K 4:30. Move sh_t other place (actually power move, 10 min).
7:28 Hardy combo Kev, and displays belt
7:29 Kev air hump Hardy
7:30 Ladiesman continued “Run to catch bus @ terminal [editor’s note that was a beautifully written @ sign in the physical notes]. Fail. Begin running down st aimlessly (chicken w/o head). Flagged down another bus, and randomly happens to be going to terminal. Arrival 6:28. Caught bus to Bridge 6:30. Arrive Bridge bus terminal 10 to 7. Lost Grimes’ #. Check # book [phone book]. Page with Grimes ripped out. Find other phone. Get wrong Grimes’ #. One eye not listed. Looked up Hardy, Dykeman. Know no other Cambridge real names. Outta $. Collect call home. Ask mom check ICQ history for Gomes’ #. Get #, call Bubbles. Pick up and arrive 8:10”
No more notes till post Hamsauswich, Churger
-Kate’s a fool, but not happy bout it
-JeffyB buried face in Grimes’ groin
-JeffyB and Melon head butted into humility by Adrienne 2 head smash
-JeffyB delivers crippling body slam to Ladiesman [at this point the party seems very reminiscent of a certain party at Hardy’s house that simply degenerated into Summer Slam event. Fortunately this party had the benefit of the calming presence of vaginas].
-Hardy breaks shoulder. Dr Dyer fixes by yanking on arm, and holding Hardy down with foot. Diagnoses much medicine post operation
-Adrienne2 “Like a girl could do that”
-JeffyB loses faith in science by breaking egg, regains faith from Erlenmeyer flask
-“I like Kevin’s body way too much” Ladiesman [or is he?]
-JefferG “You skipped over you pissed yourself?! That’s the story!” Hardy “It wasn’t a full pissing!”

-foot fetish = footish
-Jay and Danielle arrange date based on footish
-“Sara has breasts”

-12:18 Melon used my chest as pillow, this is Seimone
-Melon dry humps Ladiesman in the kitchen

Sara studies sex book chapter 3, Kate takes role playing to a whole new level with “puppet” role
-Apparently misconstrued JeffyB/Kate relationship, as JeffyB asks explanation of of sexual illustration in sex book, reminiscent of grade 4 naivete
-Sara “I got knocked up @ the teeter totters”
-Danielle so impressed by reenactment takes off clothes
-Sex charades, Jay “What’s she doing? Jacking him off?” JefferG “Yeah, that’s the spot”
-Ladiesman “Some guys just bend that way … I’ve heard”
-Ladiesman displays irrational loyalty to bending topic
-Ladiesman “That’s a rest position?!” JefferG “That’s the one the Jick always wants to do”

Most of the notes were what Dyer "heard" and "saw" not actually what happened. Like Sara said "I got knocked OUT at the teeter totters when I was a kid" and danielle laughed at the reenactment and then took of her sweater because she was hot etc... I'm not going to go into the whole bending thing. There's more on the site, it's all pretty funny.

Oh yeah for those who don't know, my friend Dyer likes to keep a notepad at all parties and write down funny things that were said or done in order to have a written record of what actually happened at the party for those who weren't there and those who can't remember and also for plain old entertainment value.


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