Saturday, January 10, 2004

be quiet and drive by deftones gives me this fuzzy sick feeling in my stomach and shivers down my back and spine this melancholic searching pining longing aching feeling of muted anticipation for something but you're not quite sure what and it's just outside your grasp

like you're walking up a dark staircase and you reach the top step but think there's one more stair to go as you step up and hit the landing

like you were planning your whole day around catching a bus the only bus and you ran down the steps and out the door only to see it fly past you in a woosh of dust and smog

like you've just driven though an intersection without looking and see only red in your rearview and feel like you've cheated death

like you were two seconds too late to get something absolutely amazing and if only you would have just acted earlier instead of later you wouldn't have blown it completely

like everything you've ever been searching for in your entire life is right in front of you but behind this huge wall of thick opaque glass that you can't quite see clearly through but you know that whatever's on the other side will make everything okay if only you could figure out a way to get past it but you can't.........


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