Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I have an idea:

Donovan Bailey Sponsors New Canadian Low-Carb Beer:

[commercial starts with Donovan Bailey running 100m dash]

"If you’re like most Canadian athletes, you work hard…..and drink even harder.

After pounding the pavement all day, you deserve to kick back and pound the pints all night.

You don’t want a beer loaded with carbs, you want a beer that wont fill you up and still get you trashed.

That’s why you drink Molson 98, the new low-carb beer for today’s active Canadian drinker

We’ve removed the carbs and replaced them with, you guessed it, ethanol. Weighing in at a record 9.84% alcohol/vol makes Molson 98 a tough Canadian beer for tough Canadian athletes.

Don’t be fooled by those other American low-carb beers that only replace the carbs with water.

Grab the low-carb beer that has no carbs and all the alcohol you could ask for. Grab a Molson 9’er. “

[commercial ends with American guy slamming his glass down and running for the bathroom, while the Canadian guy cheers’ his Molson 98 with the ladies]


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