Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Here's a portion of something I wrote to someone some time.

......i've also had a head x-ray, two cat scans, and an ultrasound on my neck. i've had a brick dropped on my head (i swear). i've had a couple concussions. i was on antidepressants to treat migraine headaches (didn't work). i've severed my two last fingers on my left hand down to the bone, everything you can think of in them was cut by a lawnmower when i worked at zellers as as stockboy in highschool. i play guitar.

i graduated in chemistry from waterloo and have no desire to pursue that field. i'm a good writer and photographer, artistic, literate and stylish (?), but i majored in science. i feel pursuing an artistic career is selfish, but i want to. chiropractors are quacks. i love simpsons so much and the fact that you use quotes from it. i also applied for a job at walmart for the photo shop but didn't get it. hahaha. love chili and pitas, and who doesn't like pizza. i've eaten chili for every meal of the day for a week and a half straight, including breakfast.

that's nice that you love the cock, the current joke at my expense is that *I* love the cock, and one time at a party my friends were throwing a keggar and people who paid got humourous messages written on their hands in permanent black magic marker. mine was 'i heart penis'. with heart written out with letters. Quote: "From now on we'll be spelling EVERYTHING with letters." beneath that was written in pen later on in the night was 'no i do NOT'. up my arm was written, again later, in black marker, 'yes i do, more than anything in the world'. i don't love the cock. some guy at this patiobar, arizonas in thorold wears an 'i heart vagina' tshirt every time. the heart is a picture this time, not spelled out.

my nickname with my group of friends in guelph is 'ladiesman', but it couldn't be further from the truth; i've never asked out a girl and i'm too afraid to hit on someone/ask them out. i've dated, just never initiated the relationship, just sorta went along with it. therefore i never get what i want. i'm a huge chicken. i also like to write very long emails/messages, and this is probably the longest message you've recieved containing more than you ever wanted to know. I also only/mainly have female friends (except the guelph boys), which my one friend refers to as my 'harem'. some of the girls in that group want to date me and have asked me out but they couldn't be more wrong for me so i said no. i always date the wrong girls. i attract the wrong and crazy ones and can't seem to find a good one, right for me. i have (my family has) two dogs and two cats. i don't really like cats, at all.

music is most important in my life. i sometimes have insomnia (it's 5am). i wrote a long message to someone else like this and i think i freaked her out and she stopped talking to me. so i asked you if i freaked you out. someone told me i was intimidating. after you called me "rad", some other girl called me rad like the next day and i laughed my ass off. she didn't get it.

i have a weblog website but can't really think of anything to post. i usually use flawless grammar, spelling and punctuation and i don't know why. i don't know why i'm not now. i can't believe you spelled "hawt" like that. writing like this is fun. are your eyes sore? don't you hate when people ask you questions in emails as if they were talking to you and you have no real way of replying to it after the fact? and don't you also love how you can write an email to someone and they can't interrupt you or stop you from going on and on and on and on so you can pretty much say whatever you want and they just have to read it. i do. does this have a word limit?

i would like challenge you to a simpsons quote competition, with no internet cheating. i should stop.


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