Tuesday, May 11, 2004

wow, ok the sort of cheesiness (unless it's totally 100% true) of this kid's question to Trent Reznor is totally offset by his amazing reply. And people wonder why I love Trent Reznor so much....you all should too (love him):

Question to Trent:
"i just want to let you know that you are personally responsible for preventing me from committing suicide. when i started high school, i bought the fragile unfamiliar with most of your previous work. i was feeling really really shitty with situations concerning my mother, situations in high school, peers, and whatnot. anyways, buying the fragile, i slowly, but surely began to realise the message you portrayed in this album. after repeated listening, the title track still stands up to me as a message of hope, as a way to escape everything that seems to destroy my psyche and bring me down. i was very close to ending my life prematurely, but listening to the fragile made me realise that there is beauty in the pains of life and hope is in everything that life can give you, no matter how torrid it may seem. thank you, trent reznor, if i hadn't bought the fragile, i wouldn't be around to e-mail this to you"

Response from Trent: (fucking amazing)
"thank you for your kind words, but give yourself the credit for getting through whatever it was you were going through. it seems to me that there are some people who treat music as something that plays in the background occasionally, and there are some -- probably anyone who's reading this -- that music has a much more important role. music is the soundtrack to every aspect of my life -- songs vividly remind me of places/events/feelings/people. music has been my best friend and made me feel connected when i've been at my loneliest. it's weird and great to find myself in a position where music i've made has touched some of you. keep your shit together!"


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