Monday, June 21, 2004

I know posting song lyrics is so cheesy, but when they're soooo good, I can't help it. This is from the new (newest) massive attack album 100th window, with songs co written and sang by sinead o'connor.

What your soul sings

"....your mind can never change
unless you ask it to
lovingly rearrange
the thoughts that make you blue
the things that bring you down
only do harm to you
and so make your choice joy
for joy belongs to you

and when you do
you'll find the one you love is you
you'll find you love you..."

" no longer pretend
that you can't feel it near
that tickle on your head
that tingle in your ear
oh ask it anything
because it loves you dear
it's your most precious king
if only you could hear

and when you do
you'll find the one you need is you
you'll find you love you"

Everyone should try to get this song, I think it's copy-controlled, so you cheap bastards can't download it off the internet. The cd is like $30 bucks, but well worth it if you like massive attack. Sinead does a couple other songs too.


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