Thursday, June 24, 2004

I want to write something, I don't know what. Something creative, and relaxing. Maybe a little bedtime story for someone? It sucks because usually I only talk about things that are currently pissing me off on here, and when things are going well, I don't really have much to say. Which is not to say that when there is an obvious lack of creative or venting quotes that things are going "well", cause things are generally fairly good, I just don't seem to be inspired to write very often. I need a new muse, the old one sort of burnt out.

I keep thinking about water, I don't know why, maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarius, you know The Water Bearer. I’ll try to explain what I can see and feel, so let’s to a little bit of guided imagery. Ok close your eyes and I’ll describe everything to you in detail and try to picture it in your mind as best you can. Wait, no don’t close your eyes, that’s not going to work. Ok, you’ll have to read it the old fashioned way I suppose.

You know the feeling of being in warm water, like an overly heated pool at night or the hot springs in Nagano Japan with the Snow Monkeys, but with just your ears submerged and head floating so that everything you hear is like a faint, muffled echo of the actual sound? You can feel and sense vibrations of anything moving beneath the surface much more readily instead of hearing them. It's like trading in one ability for another; one sense becomes weakened while the other is heightened. Pure relaxation washes over you from the buoyant feeling of almost weightlessness while you float there with your eyes closed in a near-meditative state. Picture the sensation of the water's edge on your face as you sink your head in a little lower so the oval of air-exposed skin on your face gets smaller and you can feel the water tickle over your skin. The oval grows and shrinks as you breathe in and out until you exhale one deep breath and sink completely under. The water feels alarmingly hot on your face at first but then beautifully warm as your skin adjusts to it. You know your time of pure tranquility beneath the water level is very limited by your lung capacity, making it a borrowed and fleeting moment that only lasts for a short while, like an amazingly bright flash of lightning or a shooting star that you're not sure you've really seen because you only caught it with the corner of your eye.

The only bad part of being in water like that is getting out and being cold, unless you can get a huge towel or nice bathrobe to jump into before you run to your room and get under the covers, which sounds like a good idea.


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