Friday, September 10, 2004

I am not pessimistic, or jaded.

I know it seems like that from what I write, but no one really wants to write or read about sunshine and lollypops and rainbows all day. People generally don't bask in your gloriously fantastic life or identify with how great everything is going. They can usually relate to the negative easier than the positive. Usually it's more automatic to write about the bad, and when things are fantastically good, I've noticed that people generally don't have time to write it all down on a blogger site.

Along the same lines of the mass email update, another thing I find is rather silly, is how people communicate with other people via blogger posts. What I mean is that people will write a blogger post with a seemingly hidden message in it made specifically for one certain person, written so that not many other people besides the key person would make the connection. Steph wrote a bit about it on her site (Sunday July 18th post) and I am starting to notice it in my own life now. Of course I've probably been guilty of it in the past, when I went on a tirade and quoted every single quote from taking back sunday because I was mad, but that really was a result of someone rather than meant for someone. I am always a firm believer in saying what you want to say directly to the person and being upfront. Don't hide behind your blog.


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