Thursday, October 14, 2004

I bought Danny the Dog yesterday, the massive attack soundtrack. It's phenomenal, very complete and listening to it is like almost watching a/the movie (that i haven't seen), or reading a book. It has a great flow from start to end. I also bought memento on dvd and when I opened it up, there were no dvd's inside. I thought that maybe they were fucking with me, seeing as how messed up the movie is, maybe they thought it would be funny to hide the dvd's somewhere in the case....No such luck. I don't think HMV will believe me if I go take it back and try to get my dvd's, especially since it's been like two weeks since I bought it. I also bought snowpatrol, but haven't given it a good listen yet. This is a sorry excuse for a blog entry.


Blogger Jesse said...


15 Oct 2004, 00:47:00  
Blogger Melissa said...

psssssssssst: new good post needed.

15 Oct 2004, 14:43:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

psssssst shutyourface

15 Oct 2004, 14:51:00  

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