Thursday, December 16, 2004

(classic way of starting a blog entry) I really hate it when people take song lyrics and try to analyse their meaning. When they try to break it down and figure out exactly what the artist was feeling or thinking while they were writing a particular song. I will spare everyone the suspense: YOU WILL NEVER KNOW what they meant. Ever. If they wanted everyone to know what they were saying, they would use plain and direcet language in their music, not metaphors or deeply hidden messages that are NOT meant for you anyway. The songs are probably so personal that they are only written for the artist themselves or for someone really special to them, and that special person probably still wouldn't be able to figure out that the song was for/about them anyway. I really hate it. I also hate when interviewers actually blatantly ASK the artist "ughhh what did you mean when you wrote ..." and then the artist tries to come up with something which is probably a bullshit reply just so that they can answer the question, get their exposure and money and get the hell out of the interview. They don't care. This is why I don't analyse what songs mean. I pick out bits of lyrics that I like or that i think are witty and that's about it. I love clever little lines in songs, cool ways of saying things, snappy biting sentences, but I never love songs for what they are "supposed" to mean or because of how "meaningful" the lyrics are to me. I feel that what is said in the songs are for the artist and that I could not possibly even begin to grasp what they're trying to say, so why bother? I just enjoy the song for the way it is put together as a whole, not individual pieces. I enjoy how the lyrics go along with the music and how it is all delievered to you and how it makes you feel and elicts certain emotions (MUSICALLY not lyrically), not because of how I can write a book report on the song and pick out literary devices and meanings and symbolisms. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, and that they really find special meanings in song lyrics and songs really speak to them, and they can relate to the artist and they prevented them from committing suicide and what not, and that's absolutely wonderful. Good for you. I just don't enjoy music in that way, and I personally think I enjoy it more because of it. I take more of a broad view of a song rather than cutting it down into its component parts. I let the music itself, rather than the words that are sung, affect me more. I enjoy the voice and how the person sings and how beautifully this interacts with the music, not the actual semantic content. The fact that some songs might even have a meaning is simply a bonus to me, because everything else that goes along with the lryics are just amazing and impactful to me. That's why I like such a wide variety of music, because I enjoy the sounds of people's voices and the incredible music they create and I don't pay attention to the subject matter of the songs. I don't discriminate on what genre or music I am listening to, on WHO the artist is or what things they sing or play about in their songs. I just like what I like for exactly what it is without devling too deep into what it's "supposed" to mean. Don't get me wrong, some songs have very blatant and very cool and inspiring messages with catchy and obvious lyrics that make you and me love the song and that's just great. It happens. None of the things I say are really hard and fast rules set in stone, but what I am talking about are those songs where the meaning isn't very apparent, where there are possibly multiple interpretations and maybe the song wasn't meant to be figured out. Maybe I am just taking the "ignorance is bliss" route to listening music, and maybe I could get even MORE out of it if I tried to sit down and figure out what songs were supposed to mean, try to decipher incoherent lyrics and see how this song and this artist and his or her lyrics could speak to me, but I choose not to. I just like to sit back and let the combinations of the lyrics and the instruments and the passion of the artists playing and the feelings and vibes of the music wash over me and let my mind wander and get lost in the song without letting the analytical part of my brain try to put literal meaning to things. But I guess that's just basic human nature, trying to make sense of things and put meaning to something when maybe it wasn't meant to be figured out and explained in the first place.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Breath From Another:

first go here: and listen, then read this written by Esthero:

'We live in a world where in the same week a man who is accused of statutory rape can also have the largest selling record of his career. Where we are numb to witnessing burned-out and freshly bombed neighborhoods in a land far, far away... but Janet shows us a little tittie and we are nothing short of "shocked" and "appalled." This song is a call to arms. It is a call to my pirate sisters, to my rebel brothers, to demand MORE. More from every moment of your life, but especially to demand more of radio stations, of video channels, of the so-called "keepers of the keys to the kingdom." It is meant to inspire and to motivate -- not to offend. I want this to be very clear: This song is not meant to be a personal attack on Ashanti or Britney Spears (both of whom, I am willing to bet, are also bored to death of the radio)... I was merely trying to make an example of the fact that we overplay and over saturate only a few artists at a time... leaving little to no room for any others. We have no variety. We are stagnating. I am concerned about us, all of us who truly love music, to whom music is a soundtrack of the key moments of our lives, and yet stand idly by while our airwaves are controlled and polluted by people who program music so it doesn't interfere with the frequencies generated by the hamburger commercials they peddle. I really do believe that "what we hear DOES affect our hearts." We are on a bad musical diet and we are getting sick. I mean, a little sugar and extra cheese is great in moderation... But we need veggies and water to SURVIVE. I don't know about you, but personally, I'm starving.

There are revolutionary musicians all around us ready to nourish and enrich our lives. It is up to all of us to stand up and demand that they be heard.

So here is my humble offering, fresh from the oven, homemade with love. Dig in and enjoy.'

Monday, December 06, 2004

Sometimes everything falls apart.

Sometimes everything falls into place.

Sometimes you can disappear without really knowing it.

Sometimes you feel everyone staring at you and your cheeks hot, flushed and red and you can’t imagine the moment ever coming to an end.

Sometimes things happen slowly, smoothly and gradually.

Sometimes they happen in a rocky, rushed blur that you don’t have a blink of your mind’s eye to react, unfortunately realising this fact after you're already too far in.

Sometimes you're never really certain of anything but still comforted by the fact that things will work out.

Sometimes it takes forever and a day to be even slightly close to any sort of certainty, yet you’re still shrouded and consumed with fear.

Sometimes everything just clicks with a certain someone and it takes something like twenty seven seconds to be certain about this somewhat silly someone beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt.

Sometimes this certain silly someone is totally amazing in every way imaginable and completely redefines everything you ever thought you knew about yourself, everyone you know, and the entire world around you.

Sometimes it is the greatest thing that's ever happened.

Sometimes you wish you could just make everything better, make everything perfect; make them never worry again, but no matter how hard you try, you know you can’t.

Sometimes you get the feeling that everything will be just fine and you’ll never have to worry again, and sometimes that makes you feel guilty.

Sometimes you get so happy and giddy you talk a mile a minute, sometimes hovering on the borderline of being coherent and making sense and people sometimes have to struggle to keep up and make some sort heads or tails of what you're saying but they secretly love the spirited conversation and get excited from just talking to you as everyone gets slightly silly together.

Sometimes you feel so great that you feel like you’re going to explode.

Sometimes you want to keep these feelings all to yourself as though they’re a small special little secret between you and that someone special and especially silly. Some secret that you don't want to share with anyone else so it doesn't escape from the lips of you two to get mainstreamed and cheapened.

Sometimes you make things a little better so sometimes you can have perfect moments together in which sometimes they worry a little less.

Sometimes they start to feel things might be fine after all and sometimes they can forget about the bad things around them, suspending all disbelief and just live in the moments of pure joy.

Sometimes their sorry-filled sulking sad and somber expressions slip away and smiles suddenly show up on their faces.

Sometimes the sometimes' start changing from “sometimes” to "all the time”

Sometimes everything just clicks and falls into place like a perfectly and magically-aligned puzzle constructed from millions of intricate, individual pieces causing you to sometimes think you should somehow disappear completely with your certain silly someone, somewhere, anywhere.

Sometimes you never want anyone else to ever discover the secret to your successful happiness saving it all to yourself like you’ve discovered the long, sought-after fountain of youth; sometimes making you feel you simply cannot contain yourself; sometimes making you want to scream and shout it to the entire city, and sometimes convincing you that sometimes anything's possible making you feel a sweet and sickeningly, yet seductively sweet, anticipation deep down in the pit of your stomach that sometimes makes you feel as though you’re going absolutely insane but you wouldn’t trade it any of it for the world and sometimes…

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