Friday, January 07, 2005

I know that things cannot be forced, that I should not worry about what is to be but only what is. I've stopped thinking about eventualities. Certainties. No longer will I worry about the ending, not everything has to follow the same set of rules we've been taught our whole lives. Introduction, rising action, climax, denouement. Instead of your mind focused on what's to come and final endings , forget what you've learned, live in the present and enjoy each and every minute as it's happening. Nothing is set in stone and we must create our own future as we go along, shape it as we see fit. The future is not friendly, but terribly uncertain and too far beyond our control to actually worry about. We should not be afraid of these uncertainties; not everything was meant to be known immediately. In every drawing, every painting and every piece of creative writing there may be those hidden meanings, constants and linearities but sometimes the meanings are not there for the finding, but are like a secret kept between two lovers, hidden away from the outside world. So much more can be derived from the beautiful words and the clever sentences that all lead to an eventuality not meant for discovery. It may be impossible to discover the hidden secrets, the unknown future, the intended meaning or purpose in anything you see around you and we will never know the ending until it finally happens. The point is not to discover the answers at the end, but just to get there.


Blogger Sylvonna said...

Once in a while...I read my brother's website thingie. I know it's geeky, but since when did it become geeky to like your siblings? I think you're a great brother Jes, and scary smart...kinda like Mr.Meisel....*inside joke...a scary freaky smart math teacher* And today, I was in a bad mood, cranky, and in need of figuring out a LOT of stuff (as always). So I took a gander...and this really got to me. I could relate so much, it was exactly what I needed to hear. I am such an advocate of pushing things, of trying to control where my life goes....and this made me stop and think a lot. I know I need to appreciate what I have and stop worrying about the future I want. You are a great guy, Jes. I love you!! Thanks for inadvertently giving me great advice....I needed it. You're always good for a few thoughts :)

22 Jan 2005, 23:35:00  
Anonymous S devil said...

I have enjoyed reading this! I find myself constantly forcing things in my life....wanting all the answer's. I tell myself it is a protection mechanism that I need to know these answers to make informed choices and decisions!

I think you are right about not everything having to follow a certain set of rules. I find myself constantly searching for hidden meanings (another protection mechanism) and am finally starting to realize I have to let go of these thoughts and learn to trust, that everything will work out in the end! "We will never know the ending until in finally happens"

14 Feb 2011, 17:26:00  

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