Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What a waste of money.

I am now training Japanese Ninja Fighting Sock Monkeys.

Here's a picture of my mom. She's not impressed.
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Anonymous Sylvonna said...

Your mom looks really mean, and like she doesn't like female children that much.

29 Sep 2005, 12:06:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

She hates and resents most girls, especially ones named Sylvonna or Sarah

Someone keeps hitting my site, like every two hours from Toronto and I cant' figure out who it is. I wish more people would leave comments

30 Sep 2005, 14:30:00  
Anonymous Sylvonna said...

hmm i wonder who that could be. i like to comment. i think its pointless to write a blog that people dont comment on. dont just read! tell jesse what you think, losers!! sorry, slightly angry. i heart you, jesse. i will comment my comment now. i had a great night, i stayed in with my roommate and had a blender-full of margaritas and danced around in our heels and robes. it was great. i have to admit, as much as i hate home, i do miss my siblings a slight bit. mostly- penny (the dog), jesse, and the little ones, in that order. i just miss meals being cooked for me. thats all. you're the best brother ever jes.

i\/ you! ahhh that was so good!! can you see that heart i made! IN YOUR FACE!!

1 Oct 2005, 00:11:00  

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