Monday, November 21, 2005

I guess I should mention that I am moving to Japan for sure now. I was offered a one year teaching contract.


Blogger erin said...

how about a bit more info... when you leaving, where are you going...?

21 Nov 2005, 23:10:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Well I will post the info as soon as I get it. I have to fill out a huuuuge pile of paperwork, then once it all clears they will set up a start date and placement in Japan. I am most likely going to southern Japan near Kyushu or Kanto. Seriously that post was all the info I know right now. I AM however, accepting monetary donations to the "Send a Jesse to Japan Fund" =).

21 Nov 2005, 23:36:00  
Anonymous Sylvonna said...

NOOO JESSE!! Don't go!! I will be so sad without you, and then I will have no one to fight with. Plus no one understands my Simpson quotes but you:( If you do have to go though, buy me a little Japanese child. Bye!

21 Nov 2005, 23:52:00  
Blogger erin said...

did you do oxford seminars or any such preparation for TESL?

22 Nov 2005, 22:26:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Nope not at all, but I checked them out. GEOS is one of the few japanese based companies that you don't need the certification. The interview was really gruelling. So basically you can get an ESL job without the certification, but if you have the money to spend on it, it can't hurt and could help you get a better job.

23 Nov 2005, 01:39:00  
Anonymous sara said...

as a rule, in asia anyway, you don't need tesl. in japan right now - you might get paid 50 dollars cdn extra per month for having the certification. but that's that. when i was in taiwan, sometimes the job postings listed it as a preference but not an actual qualifiction.

considering the cost of the course and what you actually learn and apply - i would say it's a loss.

23 Nov 2005, 07:03:00  
Anonymous Sylvonna said...

Post something else you loser. I am trying to procrastinate from my Genetics exam and I need something good to read. Maybe write something nice about me. If you need a picture I can send you one. lol Ok but for real, make it a single's ad: wanted, a nice boy. go to it! ps- i am NOT giving you money for christmas

14 Dec 2005, 00:35:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Thanks for the worst advice ever. As if I would post a singles ad; don't you think I've had enough trouble with girls+internet as it is?

I was jsut thinking I need to post something new, but i don't know what.

14 Dec 2005, 01:10:00  

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