Monday, June 26, 2006


I guess I could have written a letter like this before I assumed anything, written in classic Grade 5 stylez:


dO yoU Like ME? cHeCk onE

Yes No
[ ] [ ]

Maybe [ ]


hahahaha I couldn't stop laughing when I wrote that. I'm such a loser. Things were SO much easier in public school eh? All you had to do was write a note and pass it to someone in class, check the box, pass back, done deal.

It looks more like a randsom note though.

wE HaVe yOuR DoLl

mEeT US by thE MOnkEy BarS aT ReCesS

bRInG YouR SnAk PAcKs

My weekend, well I went to see NIN in toronto, molson amphitheatre and that was just crazy insane goodness. I couldn't handle it, it was so awesome. I was shaking the whole concert (first time seeing nine inch nails live). I'm a little disappointed cause my ride there got us lost and we had to miss Bauhaus and Peaches perform, and just as we got into the amphitheatre, we heard the BOOMing bass and DON'T YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT YOU ARE................if you don't like nin or never listened to them, just ignore that paragraph.

So my weekend was pretty great. Gay pride eh? I lived in Toronto at this time last year, staying in a friends place and my buddy Keith kept trying to work something out so he could come visit...It never worked out though, conflicting plans, no time off, etc etc. So finally we had some random weekend planned out, and he was so excited to come visit and 'scope out the ladies' or what have you, and I guess he was pumped cause it was the big bad TORONTO, so it's all the more exciting, in terms of the women. I guess. So yeah he comes up and we get all pumped to go to some bar or do something, we take a cab to yonge and college or some busy intersection and get out, and this guy is ON THE PROWL, and of course I was along for the yeah it's only until we get stuck in a mob of people wearing Village People gear, very pretty looking men with makeup on and purses/ we realise OH YEAH it's gay pride weekend, and we definitely weren't going to be picking up any of the thousand lumberjack lesbians we see milling around. That's my gay pride weekend story.

I've just about run out of coherent sentences, so i'll just use short phrases that have something to do with me in the past few days until i can't think of anything, then randomly end the email.

tired....headache...bored...less bored...kind of excited....kind of really excited....super excited....flip out crazy excited...driving.. cd player loud music...highway..taking back sunday.....yelling out car windows...lost...creepy gas station guy....found...more excited....late...pat down....lost 4 bucks in a STUPID locker...walk back to the car.......pat down round 2....tshirts......BOOOOOOOMDONT YOU FUCKING KNOW WHAT YOU ARE...absolute insanity.....drinks.....driving #1 - sketchy/ #2 looks good on outside, sucks inside ....drinks.....home.. ..baked... trainspotting...baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaked.. sleepy....looking for inspiratizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
20 cases of water. hungover. bored. tired. headache.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how you fail to mention how the BOOMing bass occured while you, Mr. McTinyBladder, was in the bathroom doubling up the stalls!

Also, the 20 cases has now been upgraded to 26. God Bless No Frills.

I threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of Mc anything...too many super fries.

26 Jun 2006, 15:41:00  

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