Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anyone that still likes Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service should kill themselves now.

Do the world a favour, eat a bullet.

Trust me, we'd all be better off without you. You're going to hell (if there is one) for worshipping a False Idol anyway, why delay the inevitable? Email Benjamin Gibbard and ask him for a bag of quarters or even toonies so you can beat yourself to Death (maybe in a Cab) with it. I'm sure he's got more than enough money to send from selling his soul to the devil and selling out so many times I can't even count.

Not only did I hear a few Death Cab songs like 4 years ago playing in The Gap on a specially made-for-The-Gap ambient music CD when I was walking through the store....but I just saw quite possibly the worst, and funniest, sell out of all time.

So I just happened to be walking by the TV when I saw a commercial and heard the familiar song Such Great Heights playing. I look downstairs to see if someone is on the computer and playing an MP3 really loudly cause I couldn't imagine why on earth that song would actually be on the television.

Then, I saw it. The commercial was for, none other than..............UPS. The United Parcel Service:

United Parcel Service
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United Parcel Service Inc.

Public (NYSE: UPS)
August 28, 1907, Seattle, WA
Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA
Key people
Michael L. Eskew, Chairman & CEO
Air Courier
Freight Forwarding ServicesLogistics Services
$42.581 billion USD (2005)
Operating income
$6.143 billion USD (2005)
Net income
$3.870 billion USD (2005)
407,000 (
Mail Boxes Etc.
What can Brown do for you?
United Parcel Service Inc. (
NYSE: UPS), commonly referred to as UPS, is the world's largest package delivery company, delivering more than 14 million packages a day to more than 200 countries around the world. It has recently expanded its operations to include logistics and other transportation-related areas. It is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.
UPS is well-known for its
brown trucks, internally known as package cars (hence the company nickname "The Big Brown Machine",

Major competitors include
United States Postal Service (USPS)

So....The band, The Postal Service, does television ads for UPS, or the Big Brown Machine. Too bad they couldn't get a deal with UPS's major competitor the actual Postal Service, but they sold out anyway and took the money.

Hey Ben, go die.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that deal happened a million years ago and i think it happened as kind of a joke. and while it does make part of me me sigh and not want to buy their album....i have to think of it this way...i've never bought any of their albums. now, think of how many other people out there who have never bought their albums either but snatched albums in mp3 format freely. they're a sellout, but i'm a thief. i'm a thief because i'm in that age group that is trying to find themselves and pay for education and we are also the demographic that downloads the most music. i think it's starting to get to the point where artists who are putting out music may need to rely more on "selling out" to be able to fund their work because they won't be getting enough money from album and concert sales...then again, yes, many artists are greedy. i now hate greenday but i still love dookie and insomniac. i still like the white stripes because jack white is psychotic with artistic integrity, but, he signed with a major label because it was, to him, a way to get their music heard beyond a small group of pretentious hipsters...same thing happened with the flaming lips.they didn't care as much about the money but they wanted to be heard and wanted to fund the insanity in their concerts because man, when they put on a show, they REALLY put on a show and they don't pocket that much of the money from sales. so, are they sellouts? now i wonder, what is a sellout? i'm not sure if i could call any artist a sellout now(besides the umm, obvious ones *ahem* greenday) unless i knew exactly why they were selling whatever work to whatever company. as much as greed does prevail and makes me sick, it isn't always about greed.

ahh, i guess before i end this i should make my opinion of file sharing clear:
bit torrent and p2p are great. i love their concept as much as i love the rest of the internet. but if, in your file sharing fishing trip you happen to find an artist you like, you should buy their album or go see their shows if you can afford to. when i can, i do because as a fan, i really think that i owe it to them.

and yeah, i have bad grammar and use run-on sentences but this is a blogger comment. hah, at least i've been using full words.

14 Feb 2007, 00:38:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and if we can afford to, we should all totally make donations to wikipedia. think of what it has done for us.

14 Feb 2007, 00:42:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Hey, how did you find this site?

Don't need your name, and I appreciate your reply.

I just pick on these particular bands for a myriad of hidden inside jokes/hatreds which the average reader wouldn't be able to understand but it's funny to me. Also because they were big back in the day among the shoegazers and those "indie" crowds and where so wholesome for their ways of the indie....and now they're just one big commercial.

14 Feb 2007, 00:42:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

i agree wholeheartedly, although, wiki is an amazing source a lot of it is articles donated/written by people such as ourselves which may or may not contain 100% accurate information... But I still use it and read everything as though it's the Brittanica (sp? don't care to look it up, not even on wiki)

14 Feb 2007, 00:44:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's me, pamela...
heh, i thought you would have figured out it was me by scoping out my ip address.
i rarely ever visit anyone's blog site anymore but i still visit yours sometimes because it's pretty entertaining.

i recognize that this entry was a lot of "RROOAARR!". let's define that:

RROOAARR!=jesse ranting=fun


but, i wanted to throw in my two cents because there is a huge indie community here on the east coast (if someone were to make every shoegazer cry around here, we'd sink the eastern seaboard! j/k.) and so i'm always hearing about how a bands are constantly "selling out" from the mouths of hipsters and punks and made the accusation myself sometimes. but, when we attack these bands, we are attacking real people here and it's important to know as much background info as possible before making a judgment. that's how i got license to bash greenday.


14 Feb 2007, 12:41:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

oooh hey there pam, i thought i kind of recognised it

I have a special place in that one dead hollow hole in my heart for DDFC and TPS, and I grant myself full un-researched access to bash them and hate them and accuse them of selling out without knowing any past info cause.....They used to be good, they changed the music once they got big to sell more records. $$$$$$

I know many bands, Rainer Maria. Who never made it big, always stuck to their guns, made amazing music their entire career and had to break up probably because of lack of funds but they did it all on their own terms. And I love them every day

14 Feb 2007, 12:45:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do have to agree with you there...
in fact, i think we're pretty much on the same page anyway but i feel compelled to write a bit more:


i was speaking more of bands who have met big contracts for labels/commercials/whatnot who then still stick to their same artistic integrity and make quality work. i think the more money that is involved, the more pressure is on them to make further sales and out of fear of losing the deal the bands follow along. the executives try to get the bands to use more tried and true sights and sounds because to them, it's probably a surer sell(once they check out the trend forecast-augh, that's a whole other rant). people would be surprised to know how much of a band's music and even their physical appearance is filtered through a board of suits, it's pretty sick. but you and i already knew that:P

i really do respect the bands that can stick to their guns through all of that and just continue to be who they are and do what they do because they love music and want to entertain people. these people can resist the "suggestions" of their label because they strongly believe in what they're doing and that to me shows strength of character. yes, that is independent music but they're not always on independent labels and aren't always considered indie. think beck, pearl jam and bjork. tip of the hat to them, i say. big money doesn't always equal big suck.

14 Feb 2007, 15:16:00  

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