Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i am a robot. you are a hurricane. we don't always see eye to eye. giggling laughter. passion. destruction. risk. pain. love. sex. music. conversation. comfortable silence. slow dancing. soulmates and guardian angels. you will be my muse. i will be your storyteller.

one day


Blogger Vee said...

Didn't you post this before?
Still like it.

11 Aug 2010, 21:25:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Yeah I was playing with some settings and posts and didn't like the post that ended up first on the main page so I just reposted that one

11 Aug 2010, 21:30:00  
Anonymous jen said...

This is still one of my absolute favorites.

26 Aug 2010, 22:19:00  

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