Saturday, April 21, 2012

Facebook conversation excerpt in response to a video, link below(unedited copy/paste from a casual conversation, which is why the grammar and formatting is less formal than usual):

The vibratory stuff is bang on, and the stuff with water is... well I am from two schools of thought. I have a chemistry background so I know why water is doing what it's doing, and it's nothing special. A guitar string will resonate in a "pretty" pattern at the proper frequency (like HEALING MUSIC) or another distorted pattern (arrg heavy metal bad). Water is simply responding to those resonant frequencies because it is an electromagnetic entity. They anthropomorphize (sp?) it a little too much. It can't think feel remember or make decisions. But... It IS VERY COOL. I let all of those scientific mind-constraints go, even though they ARE there, and look at it with a spiritual or esoteric or just... open minded point of view. There is no doubt about the power of thought, vibrations and positivity. If we can make the 85%+ water in our bodies resonate properly through thought, intention, good will, proper diet and surrounding ourselves with similarly-focused vibrations (be it through other people, music, mantras, meditation, what have you) - I believe it's almost scientifically shown that we can reach enlightenment vis a vis a higher level-ordered, resonant consciousness. I mean, similar to, not by way of.

The energy transformations between people, by all means it's undeniably there.

Did you see the effects of prayer/blessings on war/stability and also effects of blessing water? Imagine if the entire planet was able to resonate AUM (om) in line with a resonant harmonic frequency of the earth, all at once for 5 minutes globally. Every single of the 6.2 billion beings capable of humming a simple frequency doing it at the same time. The ground would shake. My ex used to tell me how the middle of her chest would vibrate during om mantra chantings at the temple (She was a Brahmin) and the vibration just felt like joy and peace warming her up.

I am working on my ability to "believe without knowing" aka "faith". It has never been a strong suit for me and even 5 years ago the word "faith" was not part of my vocabulary. Things are changing  



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