Friday, June 13, 2003


"It's the end of the end of the end...."

Or is it? I decided that I'd post something else, since I seem to have a tiny bit of idle time before my next class. I've also noticed a huge decline in the number of people coming to my site, which directly correlates to the number of new posts I have been putting up. I guess you only get what you give......The New Radicals were right. Whatever happened to them....

So, to anyone who hasn't checked out my links at the left hand side there, make sure to go to "We hope that you Choke", home of author Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote the book "Choke", which is probably my newest favourite novel/author. Douglas Coupland has slipped from the ranks and Palahniuk has taken over. I think you can read huge chunks of his books from the website too.

Oh yeah, if anyone knows of a way where I can post pictures/photos and all that fun stuff in my blog, without having to sign up for some pay-per-month blogger-pro stupid thing, let me know and I'll put some up.

more later


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