Thursday, January 15, 2004

another email excerpt I thought was worth posting -- sorry Sara, but only when I'm writing to you can I ever write anything that sounds remotely interesting:

Opposites do NOT attract, and do not make for a long standing relationship. And when (I like starting sentences with 'and' even though I know it's improper, but who makes these rules, really) and when people say that 'oh well we complement each other with our differences and it works out great', what they're really saying is that 'oh, well differences in my personality and his personality are going to be melded together to form one super tandem relationship being, which is supreme over all'. So the differences are just a way for each person in the relationship to slowly convert their partner to an amalagam of each others' pre-exisiting good traits. Thus, making each person more like the other person, or SIMILAR to each other. Similarities are the key to understanding, communication and longevity of a good relationship, I think. I think troubles arise when people don't act the way you think you'd act or the way you expect them to act, i.e. too DIFFERENTLY than you act. And, seeing someone that doesn't act the way you think they should, you don't think they're a good MATCH for you and then trouble's-a-brewing in the relationship. I've also capitalised the key words in that sentence for you, for convenience, in case you're skimming.


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