Tuesday, March 30, 2004

So Cecilia Zhang was kidnapped and murdered. In memory of her 9 years on earth, people have begun to change their msn names to have a C in front of them, well first an X, but then changed it to a C. People are doing this because someone created a spam email saying "put a C in front of your msn name as a tribute to Cecilia", and then probably followed by "pass this on to everyone on your contact list and if you don't forward this or put a C in front of your msn name, you are a horrible horrible insensitive monster. This couldn't make me want to vomit more. First of all, someone is capitalising on this girl's death and having their junkmail forwarded around. I don't know what the big deal is with getting your email to pass around to as many people as possible, but for some reason, people try anything to have that happen. This time they see the perfect opportunity and prey on people's compassion and have them forward their chain letter junk around. What also makes me absolutely sick to my stomach is that, since this murder is the most publicised, it is the most important?! I don't think so. How many people are murdered every day, stabbed to death at a toronto nightclub!? Did you see those photos of the canadian and britt gunned down in their car by iraqis? The two men were to protect iraqi civilians. Photos from the shooting include a bunch of iraqis with guns dancing around, laughing at the camera and the site of the charred body. The body obviously looks as though it was trying to clamber its way out of the burning car just by the position it was laid out. One arm stretched and clawing out in front of it. The other was shot in the head. This is only one of a million horrific events that take place in iraq, many of which involving the death of iraqi soldiers, but also iraqi women and children, the kids....some of which the same age and cuteness of Cecilia Zhang. I don't see people putting names on their msn list to remember these people. I just think it's sick how the media publicises this death and since she's a very cute 9 year old girl, she gets the most attention from the police and the community cause our heart strings are pulled.

Maybe I'm being cruel for not putting a C in front of my msn name, but I couldn't think of a more insulting gesture of sympathy on my part than buying into the media frenzy this event has created. I think I will be sad to myself for that little girl and everyone else that was murdered and not change my msn name because an email forward told me to.


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