Monday, April 05, 2004

Posted by Sars:

so...if you had to chose a favourite element from the periodic table 'who' would it be? it goes with out saying...correct? it would be carbon - the unrivaled master of covalent bonding for incredibly blatant reasons. 4 bonding sites! good god...takes my breath away every time.

picture this: i'm in a trivial pursuit contest. . anyway, some specifics: 4 to a team - 50 questions and you must write the answers on an answer sheet - other than that pretty standard rules. We had a sweet sweet hand pick team - but one of our friends ditched us at the last minute because he had food poisoining - a likely excuse...there is no reason good enough to sell out team genius. alas - we need to get a 4th player - and quick! So i use my keen powers of observation to select a lonely gentleman at the bar - who turned out to be nic from manchester - nike henchmen, doing business in asia.

When I asked nic if he was up to the challenge of a trival pursuit off ...he said he couldn't think of anything else he would rather do but have some free pints and answer trivia . anyway, nic is a self-proclaimed 'polymer guy' - took chem in uni and is all about vinyl polymers to be exact...not lonomers .

ok - so picture me trying to get nic warmed up for the ole' contest...we all know i'm super competitive - but when it involves trivial pursuit and scotch...look out it was far worse than the usual tension between my father and i during one of our usual games. so i ask nic: ____________ is the unrivaled master of covalent bonding. he responds with...

are you ready for this....

seriously - it will hurt your heart...


hydrogen - 1 bonding site - unrivaled master of covalent bonding?! i think not. alas, the man was drunk by this point...i'll give him that - and he did come through with a few interesting answers e.g. ethiopia - the only african country never colonized by europeans...who knew?

just thought you might appreciate good ole' nic's fall from grace....he could have been something - alas, now he's sadly not.


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