Saturday, November 06, 2004

She looks in his eyes during the silence where most people feel the need to fill the air with meaningless chatter and sub-witty banter but she keeps staring at him past the point where it gets uncomfortable and her body sends the look away message but neither of them shifts their gaze. His eyes—brilliant with thousands of thoughts floating behind them all at once fixated on the blue irises of hers as if he's searching for some yet undiscovered secret in them that will be lost forever, never to be found if he breaks concentration for just a second.

She can't bring herself to look away and even though every fibre of her being is telling her she should; something is keeping her eyes locked and focused on his and her butterflied stomach flips and feels the same way it felt when she was in the backseat of a car, 9 years old, and her dad is driving a little too fast down a hilly country road and she’s giggling uncontrollably—half out of fear and excitement from the reckless driving and half from the anticipation of reaching your destination, never wanting the car ride to end screaming "Faster! Faster!", nearly out of breath.

She's trying to remain expressionless while staring deep into his eyes but the sexual tension causes a tingly wave of heat to surge throughout and overcome her entire body, her eyes close half way for a second and then re-open, slowly. A slight, sly smile, which would be undetectable to most anyone else, but at this distance he can read every single subtle nuance of her face and eyes and there is no room for hiding. Still holding his gaze, she notices his eyes dart quickly to her lips and back to her eyes automatically causing her to wet them with her tongue and part them to take a slow breath in as they slowly move closer, still never leaving each others gaze until their lips finally meet and eyes close shut to fully enjoy and embrace the moment...


Blogger Melissa said...

Time for a new blog. Phew I almost typed "blog-arro" haha

18 Nov 2004, 16:41:00  
Anonymous S devil said...

I enjoyed the increasing sexual tension. Very well written :)

14 Feb 2011, 17:42:00  

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