Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the sun shines on the snow-covered lawn steady and bright
millions of multi-faceted mirrors reflect its magnificent light
while indoors, the glare still causes you to shield your eyes
yet something about the snow still summons you outside
so you put on your boots, your gloves, and your coat
and head into the cold with a small lump in your throat
once outside, the fresh crisp winter air fills deep in your chest
you stand for a minute, take a really deep breath, and think to yourself, this season's the BEST!

then out of nowhere a flying projectile hits you in the head
leaving your face wet and cold and incredibly red
'YOU BASTARD" you shout at the hooligans in the street
and as you're shaking your fist and yelling, you slip on something with your feet
it's a patch of ice, BLACK ice, the worst KIND of ice, and you fall right on your ass
you start sliding down your sloped driveway incredibly fast
of course on the fall you smack your head and now you're just few bricks short of a full load
it's only after a few minutes you realise you've slid right into the road
no one can blame you for not hearing the snowplow coming, really it's not your fault
seconds later you're covered in a blast of dirty sand snow and salt
after you dig yourself out of a new snowbank... you know, the one now in front of your driveway
not quite in a state of hypothermia but very well on your way
you get up and stumble all sandy and salty to the front of your door
then an epiphany hits you harder than anything else has before:

no, I don't like winter, it's cold and snowy, full of all kinds of suck
yeah i dont care how pretty all the snow is i surely dont give a fuck
the snow's beautiful falling from the sky, yeah when you're by a fireplace nice and warm inside
but outside it frostbites off your fingers then hypothermia's the shit outta you -- that is it's ice-ninja disguise!
and shovelling snow makes me surly, yeah this season's totally balls
i could sure go without winter, no winters at all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate every word you've written. I know what it's like to slip on ice and end up reorganizing your marbles; I have taken several artistic dives in my sixty or so odd years on this planet. As for plows, they are not the only ones to give pedestrians a mud and salt bath; younger drivers around Ottawa have been giving their cars winter road tests slipping and sliding without a care. Today the partner and I had an exchange about the high risk salt poses to the snow-covered lawn. I gave in, but for a minute there we looked like two four-year-olds about to slug it out. Ah, winter! Amazing what it does to man and beast.

3 Feb 2008, 12:29:00  
Blogger Jesse said...

Thanks for the comment. I started out writing this piece as a serious poem but for one, I was in a bit of a silly mood and not focused on writing seriously, and two, I was sort of hating winter that day and found it quite hard to write beautiful things about it so I just went off on a funny tangent. Recalling memories of my past and probably the pasts of people I've known or imagined I've known as well.

3 Feb 2008, 21:43:00  

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