Monday, May 05, 2008

Swishing through the long, straw-like grass, the warming sun kissing their bodies, they run barefoot across the field, hand-in-hand, grinning and laughing like a pair of school children. They have no reservations; if love is blind, they cannot see anything or anyone else except for each other and their smiling faces as they stumble down to the ground near a large oak tree 20 metres away. She rests her head on his chest and puts her arm up around his shoulder while he stares up at the clouds in an almost dream-like state, enjoying this perfect moment they're sharing together and wanting it to last forever. He gently kisses her forehead and holds her close to him as she says,

"Promise you'll never let go."
"I promise."
"Tell me that you love me."
"I love you." He says to her, still looking up at the clouds
"Say it again."

This time he holds her face softly, then kisses her. He looks deeply into her eyes without saying a word, maintaining her gaze while she stares back with serious and half smiling half sexy looks, a little unsure of what to think but completely captivated by his eyes. Finally he hugs her close to him again, leans towards her ear and softly whispers,

"I love you."

She smiles, hugs him tightly and in his arms with the smell of the grass, the beautiful sunny day and the crisp, fresh air, she feels complete.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This could be something out of Twilight....

27 Jan 2009, 10:05:00  

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