Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Facts II

In my head I feel least 4 or 5 years younger than I actually am. I act probably 20 years younger than I actually am a lot of the time, and at that age everyone told me I was too old for my age.

I hate socks. At the first socially acceptable point in any situation, I take my socks off. My feet don't smell, they just like to breathe. I get so annoyed by commercials I see on tv that I have to mute them and if I can't get to the remote in time I will cover my ears and close my eyes and go "lalalalalalallalalalalala" until I hit the mute. Yeah. If TV is pollution for your mind, then commercials are radioactive waste. Fallout. I wanted a ps3 so bad for probably 4 months before Christmas and now that I have one, I hardly ever play it. When I was a kid I wanted a Sega Game Gear

sooooo badly for Christmas and when I finally got it, I accidentally broke it the same day and had to play with a gigantic crack in the screen. Sometimes hoping for something is way better than actually getting it. Except when you're so so hungry and hoping for food, then you get food. In that situation getting and eating the food is WAY better than wishing you had food. I drink a lot of energy drinks. I think one time when I got a case of energy drinks (yes for Christmas again, not like it's my favourite holiday or anything, these things keep leading back to that day)

anyway I was saying I got a case of Red Rave (terrible) energy drinks for XMAS and probably drank the entire case of 24 in a week or two. A little while after that it was discovered that I had a 2 cm diameter kidney stone. I think the two events are unrelated but maybe not. I'm not a doctor. Right now, I have a huge-ass beard. Not an ass beard, but a beard on my face, that's very huge-ass. It's gonna have to go sooner or later. Maybe later. I have tattoos on my forearms and even though some people may claim they know more than anyone about what they mean, nobody actually knows what they really mean and the whole story behind the design.

I'm never telling. Whatever. I like so many movies and so many different kinds of music that when people ask me what kind of movies or music I like, I have no idea what to say. I get stumped. You really need to see me to believe me. Or at least understand. When I'm working on my "get rich quick" schemes I sometimes think about which places I know that would be easy to rob, with a good payoff. Then I remember I'm not a criminal and my life is not Ocean's 11. Or 12.

Similar to one of the best and worst parts of Garden State, sometimes I try to find and do something that no one has ever done before and pretend I'm the first and only person to do some strange thing. Or even something people may have don but I can say "well I've never done this and this before", then I'll do it just for the sake of knowing I did it. I can't think of any interesting examples right now which kind of makes the previous sentences pretty pointless. I don't like cherry flavoured drinks. Or any "red" drinks for that matter. I'm getting better though, choking down that weird "red" flavour. I hate cinnamon gum too. Why on earth do they make such a terrible gum that burns your tongue and hurts your throat? Is that supposed to be refreshing?? It just tastes like someone lit a pumpkin pie on fire in my mouth. I get no enjoyment out of chewing cinnamon gum, quite the opposite in fact. I never sleep. I'm a vampire, I have the fangs and everything and I drink blood on weekends and Christmas morning. Ok, Monster energy drinks, not blood. But man that stuff jacks you up. For the record there is no correlation between energy drinks and my sleeping habits. Sometimes I'll have a coffee when I wake up in the middle of the night, or a glass of Coke, then go back to sleep like a baby, a coffee and cola drinking baby that is. With a beard. I wish my eyes were a different colour. I asked for colour contacs for Christmas but got a stupid ps3 instead. Maybe green eyes I think. I like those brown doe eyes

with blond hair on girls, as for brunettes... I don't care what colour their eyes are but the blond/brown doe eyes combo is pretty hot. It's not like a relationship requirement or preference or anything, I just find them attractive. Eyes are definitely the windows to the brain. Everyone gets so worked up over green eyes, but I rarely even meet people with green eyes so I don't get my hopes up. All my dog does when I take her outside is eat snow so after a while I refuse to take her out anymore because all she does is, well, eat snow.

I never know if she's actually gotta go or just chow down on some frosty snowflakes. Then after a while I figure I better let her out cause she's bound to have to go now, given all the snow she's eaten. Then I take her out and she starts eating again; diving into the snow, mouth open. Then she pees on the floor in the house. My dog purposely ignores me when she's outside, eating snow. She's like in the zone for snow-consumption. I hate getting ignored enough by people as it is, but by a dog? Come on. That's just rude. Being ignored by cats I can understand, they're the snobs of the animal kingdom. My birthday's coming up in 6 days. Email me and I'll tell you where to leave the presents.


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